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Benjamin Melançon

Code for Contrib: When There's Not a Module for That

Presenters: mlncn, Stefan Freudenberg, misscs

You won't understand everything about module development this hour, or this week, this month, this year, or this decade.

That's why the approach here is to learn how to learn. Not simply, this is what , but what investigation or resource or secret guild of wizards was needed to gain that knowledge?

Joining a Credit Union

Having chosen a credit union over banks, the next step is joining one.

The catch with credit unions is being eligible. No one in Agaric qualified for Alliant, for example, mentioned by some people as the best alternative to the USAA for non-military people. This difficulty makes joining a credit union more challenging than simply choosing one.

Choosing a bank or credit union for a distributed worker-owned collective

I love small banks. However, just as i had to take the Fund for Authentic Journalism to Middlesex Savings Bank (a member-owned mutual bank) when Natick Federal Savings Bank (a single-branch bank) advised me to go there for international wire transfers, so i think my current business needs for the re-forming Agaric require a bank that is significantly more savvy in its online operations than Middlesex is.

Personal Vision With Agaric

I would love for Agaric's goals to include helping move the world toward liberty and justice— the most power possible for all people over our own lives. Taking the values of freedom and openness as moral and practical imperatives, we operate a business proudly for the purposes of our own financial security and bettering everyone's lot in life.

Itinerant web developers survey and meetup tool

How comfortable are you with minimal amenities and accommodations, on a scale of 1 to "I have slept outside in a city before because the hostel wouldn't let me test the wifi before paying"?

git apply does not work from within the local checkout of an unrelated git repository

As freshly documented at

git apply will fail to do anything when used within a local checkout of a git repository (other than the one for the project the patch is made for), such as if you are patching a module that is within a site that is in Git version control. Use patch -p1 < path/file.patch instead.

Vision for Agaric

draft. The goal is to keep working on this document until it becomes a) inspirational, b) collective, and c) operational. Yes, that's right, this is supposed to inspire, be written by committee, and have a practical handle on the nitty-gritty details, all at once. Starting with unattainable goals takes the pressure off!

Agaric's model is Free and Open: free and open standards, free and open work and management, free and open source code, free and open documentation. We prefer to take on projects that match that vision.

Business Idea: Restaurant/Diner Where Wait Staff Decide What You Need That Day

I think on the very high end this is done, where instead of picking anything you get a multicourse meal. (I may be wrong, i've never been to a place that fancy.) A diner or basic restaurant, though, where you don't get to make the choice, but the wait person or cook decides what it looks like you need, could have some

If only the indecisive could be counted on to decide to go anywhere...

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