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Benjamin Melançon

Annotation of a site for developers, admins, and maintainers

I would like a way to take notes on pages that are only visible to certain roles. Adding a hidden field could do this but it's a lot of overhead, doesn't properly separate content from notes, and would apply only to content types.

For temporary content - "Hey we should do something else with this page, maybe such and such" - an input filter for hidden text would be perfect-- even something that really hides <!-- HTML style comments --> and displays them nicely.

Installing Drush

We are fTollowing our Debian-inspired sysadmin, Stefan Freudenberg, in the locations of this extra-Drupal project, but you can put it anywhere.

Remember to check the Drush project page for the latest version to wget, and replace the CURRENT-VERSION tarball link with that. This will be the last module you ever have to do that for.

Being Agaric

You have to want to do amazing things with Drupal. You have to be dreaming big.

Forget Drupal (OK, not really). An Agaric has passion for doing what is right for the web, and for the collective, for the people of the world off the web, too.

Building a company is a lot of work; building a collective company may be harder. None of us want to knock ourselves out only so someone can make money. That's great but if that's your primary goal, there are lots of opportunities out there in Drupal right now.

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