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Benjamin Melançon

Left and right double quotation marks with :before and :after pseudoclass content

Style blockquote with no indent, different color, and :before and :after open-quote and close-quote.

#block-views-featuredsupporter-block_1 blockquote {
  margin: 1em 0;
  color: #0e4e60;
  font-weight: bold;
  font-style: italic;

Increase main partition size in Ubuntu within VMWare Fusion

That was well nigh impossible. GUI fail, on gparted's part.

These steps won't be 100% complete because it's 7:15am and i spent the last hour frying my brain on this stuff (after the brain unilaterally called a break about 2:15am and i fell asleep), but they do fill in some gaps other resources out there don't quite cover. Some even seem to (falsely) suggest that unallocated space must be made into its own partition first. Here are some of the better links; my (final working) steps below.

[Agaric-specific] Set up a Trac issue queue for a project

Visitors, please note that while Agaric-specific documentation may be informative to you, it is meant primarily for Agaric's internal use and is highly unlikely to work step-by-step without fulfilling an awful lot of dependencies first.

After setting up the project per Deploying the Agaric way, we can use our trac setup vlad task to do most of the work.

From within the project:

rake test vlad:setup_trac

Drupal messages should not disappear before a page load

May i just say how much i hate the apparent alleged feature of Open Atrium of making messages disappear after about three seconds. What the heck is with that? The message was put there for a reason. So i know if i submitted the form already even if i come back after 5 minutes. So that i can read it and understand and maybe even click a link in it.

Inline Read More links for teasers when output as one of several fields in a View with a row style of field

See also:

displaying read more in teaser view list

I did this with a crazy use of calling ed_readmore functions in template.php for a views template preprocess function. Do not attempt by trial and error, i can get the code from openmedia's repository.

Remove the main content title from the front page of the site

Sometimes we have a lot of blocks from views and such on our front page, going where the content usually goes, so we don't want our front page to be the /node stream. We could make it a View page but if all the other Views are blocks, it seems wrong to play favorites (and may be annoying for theming or changing things later). Plus, it's nice to have that one node for the little bit of (easily editable) static content.

Here's the function for "example" theme's template.php to remove the page title:

Upgrading a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7

These are notes for what will be an Appendix in the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.

Before we do anything to try to upgrade a site, we back it up. We also never upgrade the live, production instance of a site, but a copy. (At least the first time.

[gotcha] If copying over the entire code of a site, make absolutely certain that we have changed the database connection settings in settings.php. Especially if we are (and we shouldn't be, but if we are) on the same server as our live site. [/gotcha]

The benefit of contracting with a collective over hiring an employee

Hello ________,

Thank you for following up.

No one at Agaric is looking for employment but the collective is available for contracting. Some companies find that a long-term contract with a small, Drupal-focused collective gets them the best of both worlds: a stable relationship with a primary contact who learns the ins and outs of their system plus the ability to draw on the skills and resources of a team as the needs of the project demand. Please let me know if you are interested.

Agaric's policy on releasing code

[We wrote this to a potential new client in 2007.]

I do want to address one item in the request for information early on:

"All business plan, content and code are confidential and are to be owned by
the client and released at their sole discretion."

The only issue here is with "code".

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