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Storage structure for AJAX Form Messages

By using field storage, we get access to translation.

We've defined the info files, made them dependent on the core module. That was fun!

Caching is fun to implement, but try to hold off until you have all your functionality in place. As someone somewhere surely said (OK, it was Donald Knuth), "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."

We could define our form messages as a nested array analogous to menu definitions— a form ID,

Fields offer the advantage of understanding translation for user-entered data. Therefore, using fields, there's a potential

Globing Giving Circle web site software

The concept of giving circles is out there, and gaining popularity, and there's a site trying to coordinate them:

Drupal 7 Module Development Errata

Drupal 7 Module Development, as expected from knowing the authors, is an excellent book. As an author on another Drupal book, i can't give a Planet-posted review, but it's very good, it should be bought, and the things i think are incorrect i'm noting here until i can find the Packt errata submission form.

D7 alpha to beta upgrade problem: comments disappear

Good news: These problems were fixed by concerted re-saving of comment and node type forms.

Comment contents don't show up. Trying to investigate that, and…

Automatically deletion of files to commit as well as new and modified files

git add -u

picks up the deleted files, and stages their deletion to be committed.

Also gets modified files. Still needs git add . to pick up the new files.

Removing the current node's ID from an array of node IDs

Didn't work:

  // Remove the current node ID, if present.  This looks crazy but it's fast,
  // see
  if ($nids) {
    $nids = explode(',', str_replace($current_nid . ',', '', join(',', $nids)));


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