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Remember the Milk Android App

So you've embraced the glory of computing in the cloud and are now a fan of web apps like Gmail and Remember the Milk. You use them all the time from everywhere especially from your snazzy new Android handset, and you're starting to see how it all fits together, how the dawning of the age of Aquarius and the era of the internet are coinciding... well, at least you see how you should be able access whatever info you want from your Android.

Questions for the Android Community

Calling all hackers and other really smart people, why Android doesn't have photo geotagging or access point software yet.

I mean as far as geotagging photos goes, the device is all setup for this, aka GPS and Camera, it just needs the right software...

Having the ability to make the android an access point to 3g seems like a reasonable idea too, given that the device is fully equipped with 3g, usb, wifi, and bluetooth, there has to be a way of piggybacking a laptop to the web...

make it happen, do it.

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