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Computer Reconditioning in MetroWest Boston

Dan and I (of the Agaric Design Collective) were interested if anyone knows about or is involved in computer rescue and reconditioning efforts in Massachusetts. Naturally, we mean with GNU-Linux software on it, and giving (with training) to community or other worthy groups. And we're interested in particular in the Boston, and especially the MetroWest, area.


Storing lots of little pieces of data for a module: best practices? Interim practices?

How to store a bunch of little variables?

Location.module does it this way, a separate, dynamically produced variable for every field and node type. The value is either 0 (don't display), 1 (display), or 2 (required)

      $workflow_setting = variable_get('location_'. $field_name .'_'. $node->type, $field_name == 'country' ? 1 : 0);

Cool looking countdown block

drupal theme countdown block

drupal graphical countdown

drupal text to graphic

drupal clock

Present an Action


action_group_node_form data dump

action group node form before setting the weight down

so form data added by translation modules wouldn't be there

Form ID: action_group_node_form

[#id] => node-form
[nid] => Array
[#type] => value
[#value] =>

[vid] => Array
[#type] => value
[#value] =>

[uid] => Array
[#type] => value
[#value] => 1

Language and translation miscellaneous notes

(not useful ultimately)
getting the language flags to show node to node translations

Notes from Christophe, circa beta 2

dear ben and dan, dear all,

we had a short chat this morning jason, pierre and me, and we propose to have an other one at 5pm paris or rome time (3pm gmt) and to have this kind of appointment every day in order to finish the website asap:
i send you in this mail some remarks on the front page, and i copy a mail i sent yesterday about the action registration form.
in solidarity,

about the font page

Linking to other content on a multilingual site

"Also... how do I link a page I created in another page?"

For linking to other content on the site, I wanted to research what's best on a multilingual site, and haven't had a chance yet. But I'm fairly certain the best way is to do it directly to the node in the relevant language (in Drupal 5 each translation gets its own node, sadly) and to skip the language prefix.

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