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movie scene idea to go on power-to-exchange

on Power To Exchange
ben-agaric wants

a movie where a bank robber calmly quotes Seth Godin about the attention economy while brandishing a gun.

It's stuff like this that will make Community-Managed Taxonomy absolutely essential for PowerToExchange!

That and a decent rating system could make PowerToExchange a great spot for one-hit (or occasional hit) wonders.

Plotting Making Journalism That Matters, the Silicon Valley sessions, a place of doing

kara andrade 40:17
basically, we need to create our own space in there

they have NO young people involved

benjamin melançon 4:44
well we have at least one ally in making the gathering in general a place for *doing* not just discussing

kara andrade 4:45
we do

we have a few

it's our responsibility to make it a place of doing

benjamin melançon 4:46
so what have you agreed to do for Densmore or proposed to him so far?

You need a hippy

You need someone who knows how to grow stuff. You need someone whose spent the last 40 years getting in touch with the earth.

You need a hippy.


Drupal jobs site; possible partner to PowerToDrupal

New Drupal developer website...

No Google ads yet! Agaric likes that!


PowerToExchange: towards a business plan and proposal

Kathryn, business manager.

Fishbone diagram:

  • what could go wrong
  • what would increase the cost?

So he can see what would cause it to cost more.

So what are the features

Site easy to use.

Not time consuming unless they want it to be.

And actually connects them with people who have ideas.

People can vote, click on a thing to say "I like this idea"

Connect them to people who are entrepreneurs.

Connect them to people who are willing to invest.

Marketing budget. redesign: an example of what should go into a major site

From: Kieran Lal
Date: Sep 15, 2007 6:42 AM
Subject: 200 000 user community, 30M page views/month Drupal site needs re-design estimates, recommendations for designers, IAs, graphic designers, interaction designers
To: A list for Drupal consultants and Drupal service/hosting providers

Hello, I need some help coming up with a list of designers, IAs, graphic designers, interaction designer, who can help with the redesign of a very popular website. You may have heard of it:

PowerToExchange finding focus to launch

Here's a site where there's so much potential, a client willing to fund development of it right now or earlier, and we would get half of any money the site could make in the future.

This is a site that needs direction. Purpose. Personality.

I was originally hired (pre-Agaric!) to do another site called as the idea of the same person. LinkLocus could be rolled into PowerToExchange in the future.

PowerToGNU: Linux and why free software hasn't given power to the people... yet

Con Kolivas has quit developing for the Linux kernel. He had made some very appreciated performance improvements for desktops, and quit because without a way to quantify these improvements in a test, they were not being accepted by the full-time developers, who are mostly employed by major users of Linux for giant servers.

This is an important point for every open source free software project, no matter how friendly we think we are:

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