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Wrapping a link around a renderable array for images in Drupal 7

I was asked a question about theming linked images and gave the wrong answer, that it was a known pain point, but it kept bugging me because i was pretty sure i was not remembering something. The failure of link render arrays i was thinking of is their use in item_list, but in fact there is a secret theme function that can be used to put linked images in a render array properly.

Thanks to the amazing Morbus Iff for documenting using theme_image_formatter in a render array:

Removing Redundant Templates from a Subtheme using a Diff command


In Drupal 7, templates in a base theme will be used if an active subtheme does not have that template. This means that there is never a reason to have a template that is identical to what is already in the base theme.

Best Way to See Identical Files

diff --recursive --brief -s issybase issymobile

The -s flag makes diff mention identical files as well as modified ones.

Even better:

diff --recursive --brief -s issybase issymobile | grep identical

Delete a content type programmatically in Drupal 7

This is what i put as an update hook in a .install file:

Drupal and AtomPub

I want this for publishing from Tomboy to Drupal (data.agaric), as Tomboy and AtomPub already work together:

Ancient interest in the forums, and no response:

Implementing AtomPub for Publishing Nodes?

Response from a maintainer of the now-in-contrib BlogAPI module:

Update only Drupal core with Drush

drush up drupal

Simple Search Engine Optimization: Getting the Basics Right

I recently did some search engine optimization consulting for a local business, Indresano Landscaping, who was not using Drupal or any other Agaric services, and it was a nice opportunity to review the basics of SEO -- and to realize just how much Drupal does for us.

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