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Format image fields to use the title as a caption printed under the image

There's a module for that:


Found via the module creator's description of why and how... before turning it into a module by popular demand.

The client would like the alt text used also as the hover text now that the title is the caption; the module does not do this... yet.

Definitive Guide to Drupal 8 planning discussion

Modules from the contrib side.

Boz presenting plan:

40 topics in all. Views 3 topics. Theming 7 or 9 topics.

Forest has a horizontal list. Not quite ready to share it.

I have a vertical list, what kind of format.

Want to avoid authors doing a big chunk of work, and going cumplunk. Especially on the beginner side, taking a

Notes on presentation "How to Collaboratively Develop a Product in the Drupal Community"

NYC Camp 2014

Mohan Bunkars
CEO, Azri Solutions
How to Collaboratively Develop a Product in the Drupal Community
(marketing automation)
knew Ben, CEO at Vollaci
State Farm and Commerce Guys now using product.

Never thought far out, MVP was what can we make for the next stamp. Decide what to build, what has business value, will someone pay money for it.

When are you going to start paying money for it? If you are not willing to put dollars, you don't really perceive a value there.

Researching the number of gyms using MindBody SaaS

Activore is considering API integration partners. Web-based member management software is a natural fit.

LibrePlanet coming up in Boston— some sessions we're looking at

LibrePlanet is on March 22-23 at MIT and the schedule was recently released. A whole lot of awesome sessions, as well as keynotes, lightning talks, and social gathering opportunities.

Here are some i especially want to attend— i swear this isn't the whole schedule!


10:55 - 11:40 | Session block 1

Building an open digital archive in India: knowledge, access and other issues

A couple VCL changes when upgrading to Varnish 3

The error messages Varnish provides are very informative.

tail -f /var/log/varnish/current

Open Letter to Amazon: Don't make your e-mails look like phishing attempts

Dear Amazon,

You have my name. Use my name. You put a bar on top of when i'm logged in (and you always keep me logged in), so why not provide instructions to the trusted domain rather than the slightly dodgy looking affiliate-program subdomain. And finally, just get my information from your NSA contacts (and contracts). Thank you,


P.S. What i'm trying to say is don't send an e-mail that looks exactly like this (this is completely unredacted):


Ubuntu 13.10 includes an upgrade to Apache 2.4 that has major gotchas

That is, this update will break your sites.

The main breaking changes:

Python dictionary objects do not allow accessing of values with dot notation

Documenting this because it's the kind of frustrating mistake to solve that could drive someone away from Python entirely, yet it'll be a mistake i'll probably never make again and would be able to solve in seconds if i do.

A dictionary, or 'dict', must be accessed with bracket notation. Unlike JavaScript, dot notation is not an option for dicts.

This works:

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