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Boz Hogan

Definitive Guide to Drupal 8 planning discussion

Modules from the contrib side.

Boz presenting plan:

40 topics in all. Views 3 topics. Theming 7 or 9 topics.

Forest has a horizontal list. Not quite ready to share it.

I have a vertical list, what kind of format.

Want to avoid authors doing a big chunk of work, and going cumplunk. Especially on the beginner side, taking a

Download and install Drupal in one step

Drubuntu has a 'site add' functionality, but aside from being limited to Drubuntu it does as a multisite (no thanks) with the site's settings.php and files weirdly symlinked to a directory sitting alongside the download itself. (Ah, i just realize that it probably adds all sites to this one multisite.)

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