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Drupal in a virtual machine cheat sheet

This cheatsheet presumes you're already set up with VirtualBox and Vagrant, configured for Drupal. (Agaric has our own base box to have a head start on setting up for this purpose, but some of the magic is in the Vagrantfile stored with our projects.)

In a terminal, go to the directory holding your Vagrantfile and your project code. Then the fun begins.

vagrant up

to start the virtual machine.

Vagrant box check update configuration error (resolved: upgrade Vagrant)

Vagrant box check update configuration error

The following settings don't exist: box_check_update

Commenting out this made it work fine:

# config.vm.box_check_update = true

But the better solution is to upgrade Vagrant.

The reason for the error is that Vagrant version 1.2.2, rather than 1.5 or 1.6, simply didn't know about that configuration setting, and complained, and quit.

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