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Installing Drubuntu

This is for Ubuntu 10.10 with the intention of doing primarily Drupal 7 development.

Get the link to the current version of Drubuntu from the Drubuntu project page, and use it thusly:

tar -xzf drubuntu-7.x-10.10-beta1.tar.gz

Then, run it. Enter your password and y for yes as requested (it will often say you may need to enter your password when you won't) and be patient while it installs a hefty development environment, including Git and all the things you will use every day.



The remaining extras from Set up an Ubuntu Development Environment the Agaric Way:

sudo apt-get install vim-gnome
sudo agt-get install libopenssl-ruby rubygems
sudo apt-get install rake
# vlad itself
sudo gem install vlad
sudo gem install hoe
# lynx ubuntu
sudo apt-get install lynx-cur

Lately i needed to use SlimGems to make all this work.

Also follow serverwide vlad deployment scripts setup.

Tidying Up

Set a mysql root password:

mysqladmin -u root password thepasswordyouchoose

Then add that

vi ~/.my.cnf


And because i am no fun whatsoever at parties:
sudo apt-get remove gnome-games-common gbrainy

Experiments (Far From Cannon)

sudo apt-get install rsnapshot

Searched words: 
Debian or Ubuntu local development site serving hosting environment


Error during Drubuntu Bootstrap

Greetings, and thanks for the tutorial. I'm getting an error during the bootstrap process despite having applied the patch found here:

It happens just after the Firefox plug in installation, during a Drush process. I get two error messages:

Default browser set back to Firefox. [success]
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function drush_invoke_process_args() in /home/sheldon/workspace/drubuntu/devtools/ on line 46
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/drush.php:0
PHP 2. drush_main() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/drush.php:14
PHP 3. _drush_bootstrap_and_dispatch() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/drush.php:57
PHP 4. drush_dispatch() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/drush.php:88
PHP 5. call_user_func_array() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/includes/
PHP 6. drush_command() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/includes/
PHP 7. _drush_invoke() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/includes/
PHP 8. call_user_func_array() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/includes/
PHP 9. drush_drubuntu_install() /home/sheldon/workspace/drush/includes/
PHP 10. drubuntu_task_invoke() /home/sheldon/workspace/drubuntu/
PHP 11. call_user_func_array() /home/sheldon/workspace/drubuntu/
PHP 12. drubuntu_engine_general->install() /home/sheldon/workspace/drubuntu/
Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error. [error]
Error: Call to undefined function drush_invoke_process_args() in
/home/sheldon/workspace/drubuntu/devtools/, line 46
Drubuntu bootstrap complete!

Any help is appreciated.

drush + script

Could you tell me how to run the script? what is the command? Run?

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