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Open Letter to Amazon: Don't make your e-mails look like phishing attempts

Dear Amazon,

You have my name. Use my name. You put a bar on top of when i'm logged in (and you always keep me logged in), so why not provide instructions to the trusted domain rather than the slightly dodgy looking affiliate-program subdomain. And finally, just get my information from your NSA contacts (and contracts). Thank you,


P.S. What i'm trying to say is don't send an e-mail that looks exactly like this (this is completely unredacted):


Amazon Will Not Re-try a Failed Payment to Kickstarter

UPDATE: This is not the big problem it appeared but rather a workflow / expectations / communication issue. After the message i complain about below from Amazon, came an automated message from kickstarter, with the instructions on how to re-try:

Your Pledge

Hi there –

Your $40.00 pledge to Guatemala’s Lost Photographs has been declined by your credit card provider. But don’t worry! This is a simple fix.

This error is usually caused by a recently expired, canceled, or maxed-out credit card.

Amazon irony and incompetence

"We didn't receive the e-mail message below because it was directed to an e-mail address that can't accept incoming messages."

To: ""
Subject: Re: Your Associate Inquiry

Dear Caitlin C.,

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