This website is composed of information connected through taxonomy. It is simultaneously a proof-of-concept and a means to allow Agaric to share and store information both within the collective and the world as part of our open documentation philosophy.

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This website is composed of information connected through taxonomy. It is simultaneously a proof-of-concept and a means to allow Agaric to share and store information both within the collective and the world as part of our open documentation philosophy.

Advice for running an online auction

People write Agaric for advice, we might as well share our wisdom (if people ask, it implies we have wisdom, right?)

The first year we did this the arts center used the online bids as starting points for the silent auction bids (and then some of the silent auction items went to a live auction). The volunteers found it organizationally challenging, especially in payment/pickup on the spot.

Wanted Module: a way to show or attach source of a node's content

Drupal, or at any rate the Agaric Design Collective, needs a module that will allow anonymous users to view the source of a node they can't edit, for instance a node with the PHP code input format.

Attaching the source code for the node's content, simply what a user with necessary privileges would see clicking on "edit" would work, as would a "view source" tab.

It seems to me something like this must exist, but I can't find it.

First Steps Toward a Drupal Recipe Creator

Agaric Design Collective began very initial development on a module that will have us hailed by Drupal developers far and wide, the Drupal Recipe Creator.

That initial development takes the form of the Quick Site Recipe Shell Script Generator, and the fact that it probably still needs explanation after a title that long is a testament to my communication skills.

United States Social Forum Tech Team Discussion

Again, I'm just absorbing the wonderful discussion...

The USSF is nonhierarchical, more of a gathering than conference

explicitly 2 years ago WSF pushed for regional social forums worldwide

USSF a result

regional committees for US
like seven regions

social forum process: creating a space for people to self-organize
designed to accommodate a lot of people

WSF has had 10,000 to 50,000 participants

been interesting to try to transplant into United States

just a space, does not have its own stances at this time

Radical Techies Brunch

So I went hookie from NYC DrupalCamp3 to go to the Radical Techies Brunch, an elaborate black-tie affair in the most expensive steak restaurant in New York.

Or maybe it was an apartment with homecooked vegan goodness (plus eggs for an overflow crowd). Whatever.

I contributed litle, but it was great to absorb the discussion...

Take CCK, Views, other essential Drupal modules, get it all working together and put a tarball out. Use a more Debian model, this is our version, and we're only going to release when it's secure and ready

Agaric Design is at DrupalCamp3 in New York City

Specifically, I'm in Brooklyn with a bunch of other people who do Drupal.

The only way to even begin to give you a feel for this event is to data dump the introductions.

I do not list names in these notes less out of a deep respect for privacy, but mostly because there is an 97% chance I spelled it wrong.

  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network - cable access
    if you're in NY, the NYC Drupal group holds meetings
  • Integrated Digital Media Institute at Polytechnic

    'we just switched over to Drupal'

    Noel (our organizer): IDMI has been awesome

Arbitration and Mediation, Definitions

Passed on by Dave Babik of Case Closed Babik Dispute Resolution Services. See also his thoughts on using arbitration and mediation in contracts.


In arbitration, parties agree to have a neutral third party, usually an attorney or retired judge who has expertise in the particular subject matter, hear the case presented and render a decision.

Arbitration and Mediation, Best Practices

At the New York City DrupalCamp3, in a session on open source and business, the presenter strongly emphasized including an arbitration clause in any contract. He stressed that not only could it save a small design firm from being buried by the expense of a lawsuit, it gives a chance for the relationship with a client to be preservedd.

A New England dispute mediation provider gave further insight:

Here's the pitch... Agaric restated fresh every day

For some reason I can't bring myself to use a canned sales pitch. Partly it's because Agaric is still growing and expanding as an organization. Mostly its because we have too much business coming in (helping others with their presence) to bother trying to hone our own marketing message.

But nonetheless, when we see websites that are crying for help, we can't help but offer our services. And of course people ask us about our prices or services, and we have to say something.

The result is Agaric gets defined in hundreds of communications most people will never see.

Stigmergic's a good thing, right? Open source software meets the academy

If words this large are used to describe it, open source free software has to be good (sigmergic pretty much means "marked work"):

To appear in: B. Lutterbeck, M. Ba?rwolff & R. A. Gehring (eds.), Open Source Jahrbuch
2007, Lehmanns Media, 2007

Why is Open Access Development so Successful?
Stigmergic organization and the economics of
Francis Heylighen

ECCO, Vrije Universiteit Brussel