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Converting Webforms to Display Checkboxes and Radios in Multiple Columns

 * Implement hook_form_alter().
 * Integrates Multi-column checkboxes radios module with Webform module. Code
 * taken from module by haplo326 posted to this
 * thread:
function agaricgenarts_form_alter(&$form) {

Show authors of all revisions on an article of content

Searched Words: drupal show authors of all node revisions multiple contributing users

Related how to for Drupal 5:
Adding 'Last edited by name some time ago' information

See your git commit history with files modified

Git log shows you all your commit messages and the revision hash, but often git log would be more useful showing files changed. (You should still try to write commit messages as if the reader will have no context except, at best, the project itself.)

git log --name-only -5

PHP function to format seconds as hours:minutes:seconds

Could not find a built-in PHP function to convert seconds to minutes and such, so here's a utility function candidate. Seems it should be easier...

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