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Benjamin Melançon

Data website driven by taxonomy

Based on Ben's scattered thinking and compulsive note taking, we should create a website that will allow everyone in Agaric to post their raw data and connect them loosely with other data.



Current todo list items before this website can be made public widely publicized:



  • Design/Wireframe... too much data, needs to be displayed properly
  • Custom template for bookmarklet to minimize form
  • Provide RSS feeds that visitors can access in an obvious manner
    • Feeds by content type
    • Site-wide feed
    • Term feeds
    • Content type feeds
    • Faceted search feeds?
    • Advanced search feeds

  • Set up pathauto
  • Set up XML sitemap
  • About


    Like our friends at May First People Link who have a fully public support system, a big part of Agaric's philosophy is mutual aid and community building. We share everything we figure out about web sites, Drupal, technology, and life (haven't figured out much there yet, though). We invite others to participate here or let us know what you're doing at your own homes on the internet.

    Kathleen Murtagh

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