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Being Agaric

You have to want to do amazing things with Drupal. You have to be dreaming big.

Forget Drupal (OK, not really). An Agaric has passion for doing what is right for the web, and for the collective, for the people of the world off the web, too.

Building a company is a lot of work; building a collective company may be harder. None of us want to knock ourselves out only so someone can make money. That's great but if that's your primary goal, there are lots of opportunities out there in Drupal right now.

Setup an Ubuntu Development Environment the Agaric Way

Update: See Installing Drubuntu

Use the following commands to set up a development environment on Ubuntu (8.10).

Manually add a new repository to the Agaric test server

If done manually, basic code is this:

On the test server:

cd /srv/git/
mkdir projectname.git
cd projectname.git
git init --bare

Back in your project on your local computer:

git remote add origin
git push origin master

Standard steps in responding to Request for Proposal

First paragraph about why we're qualified

keep it short

modules we maintain on

CiviCRM implementation

the work plan for getting the work done- that is the process that we go through

preliminary analysis, requirements gathering, then we create statement of work

talk about myagaric project management


Matt Westgate says:

Stop Selling Drupal and start selling:

Topics and Questions to Agaric from a Request for Proposal

From a Request for Proposal, some pretty good questions about our practices, policies, and offerings:


Along with your standard practice for responding to proposals, please
address the following topics and questions in your proposal.

Design Tools and Process

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