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Working with Agaric Easy On-ramp: Browser Certificate

Click the following link:

And accept the certificate for all purposes.

(For more information and for Internet Explorer, see the site.

Choosing a bank or credit union for a distributed worker-owned collective

I love small banks. However, just as i had to take the Fund for Authentic Journalism to Middlesex Savings Bank (a member-owned mutual bank) when Natick Federal Savings Bank (a single-branch bank) advised me to go there for international wire transfers, so i think my current business needs for the re-forming Agaric require a bank that is significantly more savvy in its online operations than Middlesex is.

Personal Vision With Agaric

I would love for Agaric's goals to include helping move the world toward liberty and justice— the most power possible for all people over our own lives. Taking the values of freedom and openness as moral and practical imperatives, we operate a business proudly for the purposes of our own financial security and bettering everyone's lot in life.

Scaling and Performance consulting

Stefan's recommended approach:

For performance consulting, begin by asking whether they have high server load or just slow page loads. In the latter case we must first find out if it's the server or something else yslow can tell you.

In the case of high server load you should ask for the slow log. It would be nice if they had monitoring data for cpu ram and so on. Don't ask for full access to the data first. Some companies are really cautious about that and it's not necessary to get access for a starter.

Agaric description on Drupal marketplace

Organization description:

Agaric helps people create and use powerful web sites. As a collective of skilled workers, Agaric collaborates with you and open source free software communities to develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can ask Agaric.

Vision for Agaric

draft. The goal is to keep working on this document until it becomes a) inspirational, b) collective, and c) operational. Yes, that's right, this is supposed to inspire, be written by committee, and have a practical handle on the nitty-gritty details, all at once. Starting with unattainable goals takes the pressure off!

Agaric's model is Free and Open: free and open standards, free and open work and management, free and open source code, free and open documentation. We prefer to take on projects that match that vision.

Install Drupal 7 from the command line... with Drush, of course

Given a Drupal installation (that is, drush dl drupal), Drush can fully install Drupal, even creating the database if it has permission.

drush site-install standard --account-name=admin --account-pass=[useruser_pass] --db-url=mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name]

Or, shorter:
drush si --db-url=mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name]

(The profile defaults to standard, and the account name and account pass to 'admin'.)

The site name flag is --site-name=yada

Questions for other Consulting Shops and Collectives and Freelancers

What kind of Drupal work do you most often do?

What kind of Drupal work do you most want to do?

Do you track your time?

If so, what tools do you use to track your time?

Do you track blatantly non-billable time such as reading Drupal Planet? If so, do you use the same system as for client/project work, and how do you categorize various non-work time?

Any conditions a client must meet for you to work with them?

What are your goals in life?

Do you see ways for your business to help you achieve these goals? If so, which ways?

Drush commands to enable Devel module and Page Render Array display

drush -y en devel
drush vset devel_page_alter 1

To enable the broader set of modules, it would be great to have these wrapped in a couple drush commands.


drush -y en enabled_modules views_ui xray

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