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Thoughts on open source free software technology, developing with and for Drupal, and the short-term future of the universe.

Drupal is a Do-ocracy

In response to (and crossposted from my comment on) Drupal Community Philosophies by Angie Byron:

One matter of terminology:

Problems with work for hire in software development

This is a /proprietary/ developer explaining why work for hire doesn't work:

My take is that software development is not a linear process, it's an iterative process. Therefore in everything I create there tends to be bits of things that I've created in the past for other clients. Given this situation selling my code to a client isn't really a tenable situation. For me to do that I'd either have to eventually go out of business because I wouldn't have any unique code to sell after a while, or lie to my clients. Neither is attractive.

Chris DiBona on the history of open source free software, live from DrupalCon Boston

Google and open source

Laura Scott:

We've done most of our growth in the past year

Television sucks
the web sucks
but on the web you get to pick what you want

open source world is part of the answer

popsci session and coming

Chris DiBona

I've been overly influenced by my six year old...

Open Source is Magic

instead of my usual boring, Google is awesome presentation

most of my gray hair came from my first summer of code

Legal liability for other people's contributed content on your web site

David Ardia on Immunity and Liability for User Content Under the Communications Decency Act:

1. If you passively host third-party content, you will be fully protected against defamation and defamation-like claims under CDA 230.

2. If you exercise traditional editorial functions over user submitted content, such as deciding whether to publish, remove, or edit material, you will not lose your immunity unless your edits materially alter the meaning of the content.

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