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Userreference Access

A module that provides access control based on users associated with nodes by userreference CCK fields.

AND/OR logic error in Userreference Access function

OK, the problem is definitely in this function. I'll get back to it in a little bit, but it may make enough sense for you to correct where an OR isn't doing what I think it should. I'm dyslexic and I swear that's why I can't do a damn thing with ANDs and ORs.

How to break Drupal's system_settings_form submit handling without trying

UPDATE for Drupal 6: If you provide a submit handler for a drupal_set_form form, you no longer have to add the system handler explicitly too.

The array() silliness at the end is gone, instead #submit itself is a simple, non-associative array.

In Drupal 6, whether the form is handled by the settings page helpful form wrapper or not, all you have to do is tack on another function to call.

Figuring out User-based Node Access in Drupal (again), some notes

Simply looking at this function is one of the most useful things you can do to understand node access control in Drupal. From the 5.3 version of node.module

RE: Node access module (based on users listed in userreference fields)

I created a module (attached, in case you're curious) that's a user reference widget. When placed on a node type, it will hide itself and fill itself in from the URL with the person the request is being made of. When a node with the field on it is submitted, it emails the person.

What I need is a way to allow the user in the user reference field the same rights to the node as the author of the node. So for all access control, they should be treated the same.

Do you think that's something you can / want to do?



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