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Drupal Theming

Sidebar graphics with links ("promotional badges") the Agaric Drupal way

A note of warning about the length of notes to follow: This is site configuration at the point where it verges on developer documentation, such is the power of Drupal, and there's some outright theming in here too. This article is a reaction to doing sidebar graphics the painfully non-Drupal way.

Theming CCK Views the Agaric Way (with background)

Note that Views and CCK's imagefield module have excellent imagecache integration and you only need these steps if you want very fine-grained control-- in our case, automatically populating the ALT text of the image with the node title.



and then a little

Different page templates for different content types

Once upon a time there was a drupal themer working on a dark and stormy night, he sat there wondering how to make different page templates for certain content types on his site. He thought about how the drupal template system seems to be missing this for some reason... Suddenly, he had a vision! Like a ray of light bringing, hope and happiness down from the heavens!! oh yes!!

Why not WYSIWYG: Style and Markup for Content Management System web sites

The below is the why that goes with this how: Style content in Drupal using standard HTML tags (and have it match your custom site perfectly and meet your styling needs!)

any ideas for adding text size and color to the BUE editor = my current mission
ask them what styles they want to add
just font size
and font color

Drupal 6 Theming Question & Answer

themes have info files now?


regions are in there

and other stuff


like ya know how most themes dont have a search box you can activate from the them config page?

well now in the theme info file

you tell it you dont have it


and the button (check box) goes away


or that you DO have it etc


Print a form, such as a search form, anywhere in Drupal

Resolved error:

Missing argument 1 for search_box(), called in /sites/example/www/includes/ : eval()'d code on line 5 and defined in /sites/example/www/modules/search/search.module on line 1037.

This was from code added to a page's content by a client or possibly even the previous developer. We completely redid the site but did copy-paste in some pages.

Aquasoft / MGP-Forum style CSS background graphical menu for Drupal primary links

We first used this technique from the aquasoft theme on a 4.7 site, MGP-Forum, and just used it again, updated for Drupal 5 and with one enhancement by us.

Here's the D5 version from Aquasoft:

Show menu in page

Set the input format for your node body or other textarea to PHP code, figure out what the menu ID of the menu item you care about as described by Nick Lewis (from whom all of this is stolen), and then stick this in your content:

$html = theme_menu_tree(42);
print $html;

It could also go in a theme or somewhere else silly.


Ask Agaric: Settings for a Drupal theme without requiring a module


I've been breaking my brain over some issue and I cant figure it out so I
figured I'd check with a fellow themer(s?)!

[Related d.o. thread: ]

What I'm basically trying to do is use drupal theme settings in a file
that is not processed by drupal, and its part of a theme. I also do not
want to use any modules with it because I dont want the theme to be
dependent on a special module :)

Drupal theming consulting- Panels and Views questions

Hi Benjamin,

Looking forward to talking tomorrow. I do have some questions ready so I'm inserting them below. I suspect we won't get everything covered in 30 minutes so if you do have time to extend to an hour that might be a good idea. I can pay ahead of time if you wish.

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