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Procedure for resolving a a left-behind branch that has merge conflicts

DRAFT. Better methods from better minds invited!

Situation: Someone has been working away wonderfully on a git branch on your project. You do some crazy stuff with it over the weekend, and when they, on their continnum branch, go git pull --rebase origin continuum and get conflicts they don't know how to deal with, or when they go git fetch origin and git rebase master and have conflicts.

You want to take this off their hands.

Choosing all the remotely changed files in a git conflicted merge

Stricken with fear at the thought of handling a huge conflicted merge file by file, when you know you can just pick one side of the conflict and be done with it?


git pull

gives you the bad news...

git mergetool

is usually the first recourse.

Used meld, my default for git mergetool, for the first one. Which fortunately was the only one i wanted to merge manually.

I refused to merge the next one and then took the provided opportunity to cancel the merge.


Panels 3 vs Views 2 Showdown 1: Views menu paths override Panels menu paths

If you are trying to figure out why your panel site is wrong or has no content at all, you may have reached this page.

Drupal panels not deleting menus cleanly? No, that's not it. At least in this case, the menu path of a View was being used instead of the Panel.

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