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Register a channel on IRC

I did this (in the agaric room, but I think it can be done anywhere):

/msg chanserv REGISTER #agaric secretpass AgaricDesignCollectiveChatRoom

And got this:

benjamin-agaric: REGISTER #agaric secretpass AgaricDesignCollectiveChatRoom
[5:30pm] ChanServ: #agaric is now registered to ben-agaric.
[5:30pm] ChanServ:
[5:30pm] ChanServ: Channel guidelines can be found on the freenode website
[5:30pm] ChanServ: (
[5:30pm] ChanServ: Freenode is a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center, an
[5:30pm] ChanServ: IRS 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt) charitable and educational organization.
[5:30pm] ChanServ: This is a primary namespace channel as per
[5:30pm] ChanServ:
[5:30pm] ChanServ: If you do not own this name, please consider
[5:30pm] ChanServ: dropping #agaric and using ##agaric instead.

Curious that I am currently appearing in rooms as benjamin-agaric but it registered to ben-agaric

And I think logging in accepts any password...



Yes it can be done anywhere


The login will accept any password, i had the same discrepancy i was appearing something else while i was registered to something else.


Agreed, I had a similar issue, but I think this is just how it works though.

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