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Make WAMP bend to your will in Windows Vista

So if you've found this you may as well get yourself a cookie now, in fact go and grab a whole box, and you can eat them in bed too, because after you read this your life will change.

Well, at least if you're trying to make WAMPServer run in Windows Vista

Enough talk, here is the crucial info you need, and as you read what is below and eventually get wamp working, know in your heart that you did it The Agaric Way...

Step 1 - find this file

Step 2 - open it

Step 3 - eat a cookie, you deserve it

Step 4 - find a line in the hosts file that says

::1             localhost

and change that to       localhost

::1 is the IPv6 version of localhost. blame some windows update for that or something, but also who cares, wamp is working!

I can be reached via email, and am a big fan of micro-brewed beer....


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Opening C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Hi there.

I am Sherwin from the Philippines. I have been trying (like forever) to make WAMP run on Vista, but so far no luck yet.

Whenever I install WAMP, the application installation is always successful. But when I try to bring up the localhost on a browser, that's when the problem starts. It seems that the browser cannot recognize the and is not therefore bringing up the WAMP php home page located on the www folder.

I stumbled upon your Agaric website and saw your resolution. However, when I tried to open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, the hosts appears as a file format with no specific extension type. When I tried using notepad to open it, I saw that there are two entries already marked as localhost. One is localhost, and the other is ::1 localhost. I tied to change the ::1 localhost to the same above it, but when I tried to save the file, it simply won't allow me to save it.

I really need some assist on this one pretty please. Our design project at school is nearly coming up and I really need to find a way how to run WAMP on my Vista laptop. By the way, I have an Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with 1GB of RAM and 120GB of HDD, running WIndows Vista Home Basic.

Much thanks and hope you can help me out on this. You're the man! More power!

Vista install

Just a note of thanks for posting this. After a few hours of grief hunting for a solution I stumbled across your page. Worked perfectly.

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