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Discussion and action

Discussion and planning are essential activities for any project beyond significant size and for any long-term goal. However, so is taking action. As a rule:

People who want to take action should not be held up by people who want to plan.

Check if a given uid has a given permission (a query to avoid user_load)

a good D7 query for determining if a user has a specific permission
via agentrickard

what's wrong with user_access('permission', $account) ?

it requires a user_load_multiple() (a user_load to get the roles on the account, turning in the ID is not enough)

which is wasteful if you can do it at the query level

you could see what queries that function runs

it seems like that is a somewhat complicated thing to work out
since users can belong to many roles

how many users is this for at a time? I'd just use user_load() + user_access().

What are your git shortcuts? Here are mine.

Two whole words were too much for me for the commonly used git commands, so i created three-letter aliases.

Maybe if we share, we won't be utterly useless if we are lucky enough to work on one another's machines when we are forced, unready to fly with our stubby three-letter wings, out of our own nests.

Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Drupal Resources and Searches

Inspired by Jody Hamilton's Drupal timesavers I updated and am sharing my Firefox wildcard-enhanced shortcuts to common Drupal-related founts of information. See Adam Ross's post for a file you can import.

Alan Frankel suggests this information begin with how to create a keyword shortcut in the first place:

(1) Go to "Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks".

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