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Incremental improvements make Drupal's code awesome

A fix was recently committed to both Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 to use #attached for block_admin_display_form() instead of drupal_add_css(). It only came up in my "Your issues" block on my dashboard because, it turned out, i was the one who had initially complained about it. And that's all i did- looking for core examples to tell readers of how to write good code, i noticed core was in fact doing it wrong. And whined about it, but at least in the proper forum, Drupal core's issue queue.

Drupal users barbi, DjebbZ, and ultimately 10oclock stepped up to suggest the code and make the patch, and lambic reviewed it.

And now people using Drupal 7.9 who search for how to attach CSS will see the best practice way. Awesome.

As i'm writing this, in #drupal...

[16:11:40] Any novices around? Got a new one for ya:
[16:11:41] => Drop remnants of #node_edit_form => Drupal core, node system, normal, active, 0 comments, 2 IRC mentions

I am so excited to have Catch a maintainer of Drupal 8 and really excited about Drupal's potential to both make the leaps and the incremental steps to continue being awesome.


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