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How to put CCK fields into groups in Drupal 6

It's too simple for us old-school developers. (It took three of us a half hour to figure out at DrupalCampNYC.)

After creating both groups and some regular fields, you – get ready – drag and drop the regular field inside the group (or fieldset).


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I was stuck on this too. Thanks for posting this! Durrrrr....

After half an hour, i decided to Google it!

Yes, very funny ;-)
Actually, you just drag the field right below the group name and you move it slightly to the right (so it appears as a sub field of the group)

Thank you.

Thank you.

Spent an hour trying to

Spent an hour trying to figure it out, tried dragging with no luck.
Found your post via google, works perfectly, thanks!

Drupal is like a cave. So

Drupal is like a cave. So many little hidden coves, and if your not careful, you can get lost deep inside. Thanks for your post.

I m Stuck

I m trying to move a new field to already created group but drag option is not displaying.Any Help??

It's not an 'option'

You just click and drag.

Thank you! This post saved me

Thank you! This post saved me so much time ;-)

Drupal is amazing...

Drupal is amazing... frustrating, but amazing! Thanks.

I want to add a set of fields

Hi, I want to add a set of fields using CCK. for example if you install location module it will give you ability to add user location as a CCK field but this is actually not a single field. it is a set of different fields related to user address. Is there any module to place a custom set of fields, so i can add what fields i want to this set and user can add more than one field set of these fields? Thanks in advance!

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