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How to change your mysql root password using command line

So you wanna change your root password for mysql, huh?

Follow these instructions and know in your heart that you did it, the Agaric Way....


MySQL stores username and passwords in user table inside MySQL database.

You can directly update password using the following method to update or change password for user root:

1) Login to mysql server, type following command at shell prompt:

$ mysql -u root -p

2) Use mysql database (type command at mysql> prompt):

mysql> use mysql;

3) Change password for user root:

mysql> update user set password=PASSWORD("NEWPASSWORD") where User='root';

4) Reload privileges:

mysql> flush privileges;
mysql> quit

note: NEWPASSWORD should be replaced with desired password, everything else stays the same...

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These steps really worked.

These steps really worked. Thanks a lot for these details

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