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Google's fraudulent adsense charges

Reporting it involves having bank cancel credit card.

Contacting the Massachusetts attorney general...

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California, 94043

Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

The issue is unauthorized credit card charges. There are no paid services that i have knowingly signed up for with Google, Inc. Their customer service in this case has been outrageous: being assured that experts have confirmed that it is legitimate, but that i, the credit card holder, cannot be provided any details is arrogant, insulting, and (i am hoping) criminal.

There are four separate occurrences of unknown and unauthorized charges that are appearing monthly. These are not authorized by our company, the service is not being used, and these should be refunded.

09/17/10 Point Of Sale Withdrawal GOOGLE*ADWS9376315080 CC@GOOGLE.COMCAUS 23.95

10/04/10 Point Of Sale Withdrawal GOOGLE*ADWS9376315080 CC@GOOGLE.COMCAUS 33.72

11/03/10 Point Of Sale Withdrawal GOOGLE*ADWS9376315080 CC@GOOGLE.COMCAUS 20.91

12/03/10 Point Of Sale Withdrawal GOOGLE*ADWS9376315080 CC@GOOGLE.COMCAUS 20.79

This is a Visa debit card issued by Middlesex Savings Bank.

An error has occurred while processing your E-Complaint form.

If you feel that you have received this message in error, or are experiencing difficulty accessing this site, please contact the Office of the Attorney General at (617) 727-8400 for assistance.

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visa fraud


This Issue

This issue is still happening. I googled it, ironically, and there are still people with this same exact transaction. Mine just happened recently.

Looking to see how yours went.


cc@google.comcaus just stole $400.00 from me today. and google offers no help or contact contacting general attorney and news.

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