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Field templates are run before row templates, not vice versa

Field template are run before the row template.


is processed before this:

The individual fields are run and then handed off to the row.

That is, the row template isn't run and given the chance to call and pass info into the field templates.

Too much of a pain to create sub-nested lists for these subheadings, especially when it is divided into unsemantic columns anyhow, meaning that we have to close and open all the nested list stuff at the end and beginning of each column, with a special-case for when an effect category happens to be at the top of a column...

Thus, taken out of views-view-field--products--page-4--tid.tpl.php

  <?php if (genarts_static('groupincrement', NULL, 1) : ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

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count the rows in a grouping


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