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Ask Agaric: Max Allowed Packet error

Also do you know about this error?

User warning: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes query: UPDATE cache_form SET data = 'a:56:{

I haven't seen it on, I've seen it on other sites. I started one of the longest issues in the drupal issue queue from that error!

But as neither CCK nor Views are in use with the present demo site, that must be something different!

The max_allowed_packet mysql setting can be increased on the server, so that's definitely an early place to see about resolving the problem.

On reducing the load on the Drupal side:

Where did this error appear?

Can you show the whole error?




Searched words: 
max_allowed_packet warning in cache read max allowed packet setting with PHP


There is a module for that

sort of. For MySQL 4. => Increase MySQL max_allowed_packet for MySQL

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