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Agaric's new SVN repository layout to play well with contributing to CVS

We need to keep track of our own modules.

Here's a plan:

  • Keep using trunk for development, with all the modules checked into it.
  • More importantly, use another directory for stable. We repeatedly tag/branch (same thing in SVN I think) out to stable, and stable can be directly checked out into an agaric directory within sites/all/modules.

Supposedly we can also check our modules in development directly to sites/specific/modules if we need to
use our modules before surely stable.

But then we can't check out our own modules from Drupal CVS.


I suppose we could remove modules from stable, and put them in a proper tag to check out into our import-to-CVS directory.

Or we can keep our regular contributed Drupal modules in modules/contributed instead of sites/all/modules. Hmm.

The goal is so we also have some modules that will never be contributed to (such as one we plan for promoting our own sites)
Installing subversion (not the instructions we followed, and whatever we did workedd, but this should work too)


Searched words: 
SVN repository for Drupal with CVS for contributing to Drupal


Current thoughts-- we change

Current thoughts-- we change the current directory structure:




But that loses space for notes and everything. So maybe we can make branches of our modules from the current directory to an agaric-modules-stable/5/ directory that keeps them in a flat hierarchy.

And then we can check out and update 5-stable into our sites/all/modules directories as agaric-modules, to do check-outs and updates for all our in-house modules at once.

@TODO ben-agaric: research branching in SVN.

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