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Adding a new version of Drupal core to Agaric's Piston-enabled deployment system

cd /RCS/agaric/drupal-core/
cvs -z6 co -r DRUPAL-6-3 -d drupal-6 drupal
sudo svn add drupal-6
sudo svn commit -m "Drupal 6"

drupal-6 and DRUPAL-6-3 need to be replaced with the major release and point release that you are dealing with (though with luck we'll have moved from CVS soon and this will all be moot).

Note, however, that only for the initial checkout use this. For upgrading to DRUPAL-6-4 when that security release comes out, CVS update to the specific version, and svn add remove files (we have a script for that) before committing to subversion.

Then Piston can be used to pull these updates into our Drupal deployments.

See for all the steps.



Or with Piston abandoned

sudo cvs -z6 co -r DRUPAL-6-3 -d www drupal

in each project (we'll make a script for this)

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