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On the value of automatic messages that gather data to define themselves

So you don't look as silly as this:

[Error message] Files with the extension mp4 are not allowed. Please upload a file with an extension from the following list: avi mpg ogg wmv mov. [/Error message]

Please use the form below to upload your video to LivingConversations. This site accepts many file formats, including .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv, mov, and .flv, but files must not exceed 100 MB.

Automatic is a bit much to ask for in this case, but here is where the embedded media field file upload settings hide themselves: in the "Widget settings" for that field, on any content type it is attached to.

In our case this was /admin/content/types/blip-video/fields/field_cck_video



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