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Using Module Builder via Drush


Note: A couple things are specific to my local development environment, the location of the site code of course but also that development modules are maintained in their own directory and symlinked into local checkouts of sites (this keeps development-oriented modules out of code that is deployed to production).

Thus, prepping the module builder code looked like this for me, including symlinking the dev code in, which is usually already done for me by the checkout script:

cd ~/code/drupal-6-dev-modules/
drush dl module_builder
ln -s /home/ben/code/drupal-6-dev-modules /home/ben/code/example/drupal/sites/all/modules/devmodules

Note that ~ and /home/ben are identical when i am logged in as ben.

The Drush command to use Module Builder to make stub files

cd ~/code/genarts/drupal/sites/default/modules
drush mbdl
drush mb agaricgenarts block menu --write --name="Agaric Genarts custom glue code" --dep="block"

NOTE: I don't think enabling the module is necessary, but I did, so if the above doesn't work...