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Drupal 6

Features module notes

  • Features Extra block (fe_block) does not export block cache settings (from the contrib module).
  • Views export is either broken or, more likely, it knows when they are already defined by a module.

TinyMCE in WYSIWYG API destroys HTML it does not like no matter what the settings

A client wanted to center an embedded video and was disabling rich text in order to add tags around it to center it. Save it and it works, but edit the node and the WYSIWYG would strip the new tags and break the formatting on save. Granted, these are deprecated tags that were being used but it is not the WYSIWYG's place to be enforcing that.

Unchecking Paste from Word button and unchecking all of these and TinyMCE still deletes center or div align="center" tags.

Override Panels 3 layout theme templates

To theme a panels layout you simply copy a .tpl.php file from modules/panels/plugin/layouts/[tempate_name]/panels-[template-name].tpl.php
to your theme directory (or any subdirectory of your theme directory.

Note that the CSS file is not overridable the same way.

Boost caching: what refreshes it and how?

A normal (node) page triggers the Drupal-integrated Boost cache to expire and replace the page whenever you edit it. Editing a view unfortunately does not have such triggers. In this case the views are attached to a node, so simply resaving the node rebuilds the cache.

In most cases the view itself will not be modified, rather, you will add or edit a node associated with a view which also refreshes the cache for that views pages. (Note this takes a bit of processing to look up, and i don't think it will apply for blocks.)

[unsolved] putting a query string in a menu local task tab link item

any experience working with hook_menu, specifically for tabs
(menu_local_task items)
how would one pass a query from one of those links?
for instance, working with organic groups, on the group nodes, want tabs for adding new content inside the group
so the link needs to be something like
876 being whatever the current group context is

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