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Remote drush commands

How we would probably want this to work is that "rake prod vlad:drush XXX" call "ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal XXX"

For instance: ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal enable bad_judgement

Configuring blocks for your admin theme

Drupal 6 introduces the feature of choosing an administration theme, and it can be any theme that is physically present in your Drupal installation; it does not have to be enabled. You simply select the theme at admin/settings/admin

However, to modify which blocks are in which region, to have the theme show up on the configure blocks page at admin/build/blocks, you must enable the theme at admin/build/themes (once you are done you can disable it again).

XML Schemas for Drupal configuration

Stefan brought up the desirability of defined XML schemas for Drupal configuration, and the niceness of autocomplete XML-aware editors could then provide.

Patterns module would appear to be the closest to providing this:

There is some conflict though, we think, between auto-generating and hand-editing XML (or any other) configuration files; changes should come from one source.

Include another file in your Vim configuration file

To store your Vim settings in a different file (Agaric does this so that we can put all our "custom home" configuration type files easily in version control together) use the source command.

In .vimrc to include other file:

source /path/to/file/morvimconfig

In ben-agaric's case, the entire .vimrc file is only:

source /home/ben/customhome/.vimrc-agaric

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