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Anything related to the organization

Suggested terms - module which solves part of the same problem CMT tackles

This module provides "suggested terms" for free-tagging Taxonomy fields based on terms already submitted. It replaces the description field on free-tagging fields with a clickable list of previously entered terms. If javascript is not enabled the list will still appear but not be clickable. It provides the best of both worlds between a pre-existing list of terms and the ability to add new terms on the fly as needed.

Drupal white screen after each form submit

rconstantine is a Drupal god

Now that's documenting a bug!


When you accidentally overwrite a localization language and freak out because the whole site is Arabic

This kind of thing can happen if you don't read the clear documentation on how to add languages and how NOT to overwrite existing languages as you improve your multilingual Drupal site.

If it's your custom language, yeah, that sucks if you didn't back up your database nor export the language.

Overide Panels CSS

panels override css

Due to this great code, it should just work. But it doesn't.

function panels_get_layout($layout, $content) {
  $output = theme($layout['theme'], check_plain($layout['css_id']), $content);

Drupal won't set values to NULL with db_query %d system

removed bug from taxonomy_location_save that was put in while trying, and failing, to put in a NULL value with a Drupal query

Skip validation for a form element in Drupal

// we have to get out of validation somehow
// we have to get out of validation for an associated group somehow

You must join a group before posting on this web site.

Well, the nuclear option on case 'action_node_form': in my implementation of hook_form_alter works:

        $form['#validate'] = array();

Now is there a way to just skip, or preset, validation for one item in the form array?


Google Maps resource

Recommended to Agaric by Jason Nardi during the WSF2008 project:

"Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth", by Martin C. Brown (Wiley Publishing Inc, 2006)

Have not ordered it yet given time-to-go-live on this.


Configuration with a module

This came innto my head as a new idea, but I realize that this is just a rehashing of my partial installation profile.

Use case: make the navigation block show up only for logged in users, and expand the create content link.

We at Agaric Design Collective do that all the time, can probably just go in the Agaric Starter Profile, but it'd be nice to do as a module if possible.


MySQL WHERE ... IN (1, 4, 5) syntax

For maximum ease of use, the answer is in the title.

From DevArticles Forum:

SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE foo IN (1,2)


Note that the IN is an array. If you have a large amount of items it may be easier to use IN $array rather than write a long query.


Modifying profile node embedded in registration form

Here's the dump of the form information for the profile node type embedded in the user registration form.

I can't get form_alter to apply to just this form-- if I use node-form it works, but it shrinks every other body text field also.

Form ID: user_register
    [user_registration_help] => Array
            [#value] =>

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