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Steps for translating content (draft help docs)


Ben, Dan Also it would be nice if you could give minimal indication for dummies about how to properly translate english pages ( into better than survival spanish and french) - i have tried to translate action earlier and am [not] sure i succeeded

Internal direction: document how to do a translation and post it to the Agaric site, we can point people to it.

Here's the official documentation, not sure it has the basic 'how to translate a node' -

From our friends at OpenConcept, part of much more extensive documentation on translating containers and categories as well as other content, most of which is specific to the contributed Category.module and not relevant to WSF2008.


Translate a Story

1. click on 'Test story' (
2. Translation tab
3. Francais -> Create translation
4. Title "Test story (FR)"
5. Container: "TEST (FR)"
6. Parent: "Test category (FR)"
7. Categories: "Test category (FR)"
8. [do not alter url path settings]
9. Submit

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