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Setting up the Agaric way (svn working copy checkouts) on a new server

So, you're the latest Agaric intern (or a founder who's forgotten everything) and you need to put a client on a new server, and you want to continue using the Agaric repository system.

You've found the right page.


If you have to begin at the beginning (but not all the way at the beginning) include this first command, throwing in sudos as required throughout:

apt-get install subversion

cd /var/www/
svn co namedirectorytoputin

Now you want to tell Apache to look there:

cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/
vi default

Add namedirectorytoputin/ to the end of the two directives ending in /var/www/

Unless you don't expect this to really be your default, in which case by all means vi up a new filename, and create your sites enabled setting.

If you create a new file "yourfilename" in sites-enabled, also run

a2ensite yourfilename</a> to enable it (puts a symlink in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/).

To make your changes take effect:
apache2ctl restart

OK, that's Drupal core. You still need to get the Agaric select mix of contributed modules, and your project's site!

(In Agaric's case this time, namedirectorytoputin was wsf2008 and we'll use that in these examples.)

cd /var/www/wsf2008/modules/
mkdir contributed
svn co .

cd /var/www/wsf2008/sites/

svn co
rm -rf default/
ln -s default

Don't forget to copy that database. (See backing up and restoring databi, ssh copy (better known as scp), setting up ssh keys for transfer between servers, and creating ssh keys as necessary.)

OK, that was a little messy because in Drupal 5, the default and settings.php is part of the Drupal code. I think in Drupal 6 it is created as needed. In this case we wanted our site to truly be the default, but not have any risk of overwriting it by svn updating drupal core. That would be bad.

(Note that Agaric doesn't pretend to understand why the checkouts we've checked out into the larger drupal core checkout don't get overridden. We're just happy that they don't. (Note further that the deleted default directory didn't get restored either. But we're paranoid. (In fact, more paranoid than ever. What if we do change any little thing in Drupal core, would everything get overwritten on the next svn update? (And finally, note that nested parenthesis in text is kind of fun.))))

Oh yeah, the how-to ended two paragraphs ago. You can get your time back by going and hugging someone you love.

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