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Remove the delete icon from Tomboy notes' toolbar

I think it used to be possible, fairly certain i had removed it.

Not surprised that Gnome help doesn't have how to remove or add toolbar buttons or otherwise customize the icons on notes.

But i am surprised that does not say anywhere how to get involved at all, how to contribute, nor how to ask for help or support.

Eventually found this:

and so from there the issue tracker and managed to log in and leave my comment:

"I would like to remove the Delete button from the toolbar on notes."

Updated: I'd actually managed to add my comment to the wrong project in Gnome's Bugzilla.

Here's the comment on the right project:

Searching for "Getting into Tomboy development" brought up an Ubuntu forum post about having trouble compiling Tomboy (with the answer "Install libgconf2-dev" which, while useful, doesn't quite cover the broader topic).

The original poster actually linked to a page, "", which is no longer there.

More useful pages, that is Tomboy's official project section on the Gnome site, i only found through a non-clickable URL on the GNOME Bugzilla project page for Tomboy:

Searched words: 
tomboy remove delete button customize tomboy toolbar


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