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Got an e-mail asking about ye olde project that never happened-- made me really wish it had happened. Maybe with it will.

I came across a very old post of yours whilst reseaching box office software for our new arts venture. You mentioned your hopes to arrive at a good ticketing system, which might become Open Source, for your Amazing Things Arts Centre.

Like most of us in the arts our groups has no money, but are full of hope... Did you ever develop the system? And if you did, are you able to point me at something that would prove equally helpful for us?

We have a programmer working for love; anything that would make his life easier would be most welcome.

Let me know,

I had to reply:

Never did it -- my own arts center never bought in -- though i do their auction site every year, and will be completely re-making the software this year (in Drupal 7 with the new Commerce suite of modules), so maybe can get a box office software in through the back door.

I haven't surveyed the field in a couple years so would appreciate being kept in the loop.

In the Drupal world, i know has done successful work with Point Of Sale and Drupal and may have some relevant experience with the booking space concept (for boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts, but maybe rooms translates to seats).

Good luck and as i said i'd love to know what direction you take, i may be able to help or more likely help coordinate efforts.

He wrote back, and included a tip to what looks like the best thing out there to integrate with:

(It's written in Java, but they are very quick to point out you don't have to touch Java to integrate with it-- everything is RESTful over HTTP.)

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