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Multistakeholder and Platform Cooperatives resources

A core concept of Platform Cooperatives [ ] isn't new— the idea that a cooperative enterprise maybe should not be entirely owned and controlled by only workers or only consumers. This kind of cooperative has been called hybrid, solidarity, or multi-stakeholder:

But i'm finding very few resources on how best to structure cooperatives in this more established concept, let alone for platform cooperatives.

(As far as defining a Platform Cooperative, i don't think it need necessarily be a hybrid cooperative, but i think it must distinguish itself from a consumer coop on-line by requiring that workers have democratic self-management, whether they are formally stakeholders in a multi-stakeholder cooperative or not.)

Interested in the what-is-a-coop question which transcends any particular jurisdictions legal rules, but especially looking for specific legal types and bylaws for now.

Another definition of hybrid cooperative, which is not a cooperative at all, insamuch as it's not one person (or even entity) one vote, but giving more weight to investors putting in more money

Looks pretty awesome:

A hypothetical example:

Tagged with the term multi-stakeholder cooperative (seems rather loosely...)

Oklahoma Food Cooperative (Hybrid Cooperative) [from a Ukranian perspective]

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multistakeholder, hybrid, or solidarity cooperative


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