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How to setup a Linksys router with Verizon FIOS

So you just got Verizon FIOS installed and are starting to realize that the ActionTec MI424-WR modem/wifi router that they gave you is a piece of junk...(unless of course you want to go back to the stone age and use an ethernet cord!!) Don't worry, there's hope. You can disable the router features and hook up your trusty old linksys, just use the instructions below.

!!WARNING:Following these instructions will disable your Verizon TV service features, such as On-Demand.

(original post/ resource here )

Why make the MI424-WR a bridge?

  • New FiOS installations now connect you using the MoCA system from the ONT, not ethernet, thus preventing you from directly connecting a router of your choice to the ONT (some of you may say that the ethernet jack at the ONT is still there and you could run an ethernet cable to it, but it will NOT work because the ONT was not configured for ethernet connectivity during initial install by verizon)
  • As part of the new FiOS installations, you are given an ActionTec MI424-WR router
  • The MI424-WR is a pretty decent router (is powerful, has lots of features, and is quite flexible), however the major issue with it at the moment is the puny NAT table (only 1kb in size). The NAT table is easily overflowed just by running a single bittorrent or in some cases, playing games. When the NAT table is overflowed, you will get the "No IP for NAT - connections may fail" error logged in your MI424-WR's security log. During this time, you will unable to browse, ping, or connect to anything until you wait about 3 minutes. This problem seems to be widespread with this router, regardless of which firmware release is used. No one has been able to produce a workaround for this issue and neither Actiontec or Verizon has acknowledged this issue officially. This problem makes your FiOS connection next to useless. While your overall throughput may drop when using a store bought consumer grade router, your actual usability may increase. I personally would take this trade off over NAT errors any day
  • Instead of paying at least $100 to fix something that's not your fault (buying a MoCA to ethernet bridge), make the MI424-WR as a bridge and use a router of your choice!


This is what you will need to do:



  • Connect your computer to the MI424-WR using an ethernet connection if you have not done so
  • Open your web browser and type in in the URL and press "enter"
  • The default username and password for the MI424-WR is "admin" and "password, however verizon techs tend to change the password to "password1". If neither works, you will need to do a hard reset on the router (hold down the reset pinhole with a paperclip for about 10 seconds). If you did a hard reset, you may not be able to reconnect to the ONT due to a configuration issue with the default router settings (I will explain how to get it working as you keep reading)
  • Once you are logged in, go ahead and reset the router to the default settings if you have done numerous customizations in the past, otherwise don't worry about it. To reset the config to defaults, click on "Advanced" at the top, then click yes in the confirmation box. You will then see "Restore Defaults" at the lower left side of the screen (under the red toolbox icon). The router will now reboot itself. Remember that the username and password resets itself to the ActionTec default of "admin" and "password". It's a good idea to change the password after this is all done of course.
  • Go ahead and log back into the router if you have "Restore Defaults", otherwise just click on "My Network" at the top of the screen. Once you are there, click on "Network Connections" at the menu on the left.
  • You should now see a list of interfaces that exist in the router. To see them all, click on the "Advanced" button below that list.
  • Now you will need to do this very important step. you will need to release your MI424-WR's IP from the ONT or you will NOT be able to have your new router DHCP an IP for itself!. To do this, click on the "Broadband Connection (Coax)" from the connection list. Then click on the "Settings" button at the bottom. You will now see a bunch of settings for this interface. Make sure the "Privacy" option is enabled (if you have reset your MI424-WR to defaults earlier, it maybe disabled. Not having this setting enabled will cause the connection to the ONT to fail!). You can click on the "Release" button if an IP address is currently assigned to the MI424-WR. Click the "Release" button and immediately change the "Internet Protocol" option to "No IP Address" (default setting is "Obtain an IP Address Automatically"). Click on "Apply" afterwards, then "Yes" (if there's a confirmation message), then "Apply" again.
  • Now you will need to turn the MI424-WR into a bridge. In the connection list, click on "Network (Home/Office)", then click on the "Settings" button. You will see a list of interfaces under "Bridge". Check the box next to the "Broadband Connection (Coax)", then check the box under the STP column. Click on "Apply" afterwards, then "Yew" (if there's a confirmation message), then "Apply" again.
  • Since the MI424-WR will no longer be used for routing, go ahead and disable its wireless interface also. Click on "Wireless Access Point" in the interface list and then click on "Disable". You can also disable this in the "Wireless Settings" section.
  • Just in case the MI424-WR will do something wacky, I disabled the built-in firewall also. Click on "Firewall Settings" and then select "Minimum", then click on "Apply".
  • Verify that the MI424-WR no longer has a connection to the internet by looking at the status information in "Main". It should have a red light and say it's on PPPOE right now. The MI424-WR should still have a connection to the ONT. You can check this by going back into "My Network", then "Network Connections", then clicking on the "Full Status" button at the bottom of the list. "Broadband Connection (Coax)". Should say it's connected still.
  • Next, disconnect all computers from the MI424-WR. Setup the router of your choice (for me, I'm using a Linksys WRT54G v4 running dd-wrt). Make sure your new router's IP address is something different from or it will conflict! Your new router should now DHCP an IP from verizon without any problems.
  • The only way to access the MI424-WR after this setup is to directly connect a computer to it (via ethernet) and using a static 192.168.1.* IP address. It will no longer DHCP an IP to you. You will also notice that the "Internet" light (may look like a map globe) on the router will now be lit orange and blink red. This is normal. The MI424-WR control panel will also perpetually say you're not connected to the internet. That too is normal.

    You will know everything is working when you see your new router getting an IP from verizon.

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    Has anyone used FIOS with static IP for about 10 people? Do I need a switch with 10 ports and with 10 static IP? Could the router function as a wireless and hardwire at the same time in order to accomodate wireless users along with hardwire users? For wireless I already have 3 access point hotspots that need to plug into FIOS router in order to cover the entire area. We are having an install coming up and was going to use Verizon router. We are getting two HD set tops for TV also. I appreciate any help.

    Toss the actiontech all together and use a Linksys WRT610N

    I was one of the earlier adopters of fios. When they did the original install, I told them I did not want to use the actiontech routers they had at the time because I could not open the ports needed to view remote security cams. They installed it using my original Linksys router and 1 NIM100. Old router went out so I went and bought brand new Cisco Linksys WRT610N. Initially I was having a difficult time getting a IP address. Called Fios and asked for tech support. The following are the steps you need to do if you have a NIM100 box and want to replace whatever brand router you had to start with.

    1. Unplug old router
    2. Take CAT5 WAN cable from original Router and plug into new router.
    3. Take the WAN cable coming from your NIM100 box (assuming you have the coax cable plugged into the line "in" port. and plug into your new router.
    4. Go into your router setup at 192.168.1.* and change it to PPPoE. This is the interesting part.... (FIOS NT support told me that they do not require a username or password) Enter anything you want as a username and password. Save and after about 3 minutes, it will pick up its IP address and you are all set to go.
    5. The trick in getting the NIM100 box to "communicate" with your DVR boxes for on-demand, etc. - Go to each Set-top box and unplug for 10 seconds. When you plug each one back in, it will initiate the NIM 100 and will then connect and allow for menu guide, widgets, on-demand, etc. Took a total of 1 hour.
      AT NO TIME HAVE I EVER USED AN ACTIONTEC OR ANY OTHER ROUTER PROVIDED BY FIOS and I have always had on-demand, guide, widgets, internet access, TV, and phone service. Why keep that piece of crap verizon router. Go get you a new N router and don't worry about it....

    One tip. If you do not currently have a NIM100 box, I have a friend who is a manager at FIOS install group, he said that when customers complain enough to get to a manager, that they do still keep some Nim100 boxes in stock. The trick is to tell them "why" the actiontech box won't work for you. Think about the limit on being able to forward/open ports. It could be... (only suggestions... .Video security server, video-conference equipment (home office), etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note.

    MarkZ: I just purchased a


    I just purchased a nim-100 to replace my actiontec router COMPLETELY so that I can use the router of my choice. Now I never had a NIM-100 at all. Right now all I have is the Actiontec router that is using the COAX in and LAN Port going to my PC. How do I hook up the NIm-100 to completely eliminate the Actiontec router and install my own router? I want to be able to avoid "doub-Natting" at all costs.




    I could not agree with you any more when you said MI424-WR modem/wifi router that they gave you is a piece of junk. I have never had any problems with Linksys and as long as that continues they will always have my business. I use Linksys Wireless Router N and I am very happy.


    I only recently got FiOS with Verizon. I really didn't want to but my DSL provider was giving me all sorts of headaches (Speakeasy) trying to fix issues on the DSL line (there were a lot actually).

    It was fine for about a month before I started losing connectivity. I'd still be able to resolve DNS and for whatever reason I could get through to but nothing else loaded. After going back and forth with FiOS support (I think their manual starts and ends with factory resetting the router), they decided to send me a new router since they figured that was the issue (fancy that). Then, a month later, that one started up resulting in hours of downtime yesterday. Both routers were Actiontek WI424-WR Rev E.

    They actually sent out a tech today but of course everything was flowing again so the tech didn't feel like he could do anything. Meanwhile, I'd wanted to try to figure out a way to bridge their piece of crap device with my router (a D-Link DGL-4100) I had while using DSL (which I kept because I didn't trust Verizon to maintain any sort of solid service). I found this little tidbit. The whole limited NAT Table thing got me thinking that this might solve my issues (I do a fair amount of gaming--no bit torrent--but I also work from home doing a lot of developement). After a lot of frustration, managed to get it working with some modifications below. The biggest thing in the end was the MAC address cloning, though I have a feeling the DNS relay was necessary too.

    Unfortunately, I had spent a lot of time going back and forth trying different things since running through the original post's steps didn't work out of the box.

    A couple things that I did differently:

    1) In the Network (Home/Office) properties, I switched DNS Server to No DNS Server and IP Address Distribution to DHCP Relay.

    2) On my router, I had to go to advanced settings and entered the MAC address used by the Broadband Connection (Coax) connection (effectively cloning it). This step is needed (don't know if this is a new thing for FiOS) since when I just left it as is (the D-Link's own MAC), it couldn't get an address. I tried other MAC addresses for the router but that one seems to be the only one that'll work. I remember this from when I swapped out the newer Actiontek router I got. The In-Home Agent had a specific step where it cloned the MAC address (supposedly) for the connection as part of the swap out. That got me thinking that they might actually be limiting access to the DHCP server by MAC address. Could be a new thing with them or something?

    3) Give it some time after you've made the changes, especially once you lit the fuse on the IP acquisition on your router. When I made the change, I got the new IP/DNS addresses but my computer still wasn't resolving DNS. I ended up heading out for lunch and when I came back, it was all working. No clue how long it really took.

    We'll see if this fixes the main issue completely. If so, I'll be happy enough to finally cancel that DSL connection (it's my backup for now in case this one goes down) and be on my merry way. If not, then it's back to square one and the FiOS support we all know and loathe.

    Cascade Linksys WRT310N to Verizon Actiontec MI424WR

    Is there anyway to cascade the Linksys WRT310N to the Verizon Actiontec MI424WR. I would like to place the Linksys WRT310N on the lower level of my home to "bridge" the Verizon router which is on the third level of my home (hoping to improve wireless signal). I don't want to lose the verizon FIOS TV capabilities. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

    FTP through the bridge

    I've successfully setup the bridge, the internet is working fine as well as my Remote Desktop Connection but for some reason I can't get the FTP to go through. I have a Western Digital Network Drive, have tried both DHCP and a static IP on the device but neither seem to work. I've reserved the DHCP for this device to 1.14 through my linksys and can FTP to the network drive locally but cannot seem to access the drive outside of the network. Is there a setting I need to change on the Verizon modem/router for FTP to be passed through? What about the linksys? I know FTP is not secure but the network drive doesn't seem to support much else.

    Please help, anyone!

    Same issue with the Westell UltraLine Series 3

    Software Version: Upgrade

    Release Date: Aug 28 2008
    Platform: Westell UltraLine Series3
    Model Number: A90-9100EM15-10
    INI File Name: 096-900205-02
    INI File Version: A
    Hardware Version: D
    Hardware Serial Number: 09AK05182948

    every so often loose all connectivity due to NAT issue..

    you would have thought verizon would have gotten there act together by now...

    I have ethernet connection to ActionTec router, different?

    I was one of the first families in my area to get fios. My connection to the Actiontec router is via ethernet and I have a secondary small box hooked up to a lan port from verizon. My assumption is this secondary box gets the fois info for my dvr's. Is this correct? If so then, MY Actiotec router can just be swapped out for another, after releasing the I.P. address? Want to go to a box with gigabyte ethernet as well as "N" wireless. I don't want to loose the dvr capabilities yet, my wife will bitch. How about a recommendation on a dual "n" box as well?

    Thanks a bunch, worked like

    Thanks a bunch, worked like a charm. Verizons router was giving me 8mb/5mb, new linksys gives me 20/15 on a 25/25 line which does get max speed when wired.

    Using Static and getting wireless devices online using Actiontec

    This is the closest discussion I've found regarding my problem, so I thought I'd ask in case anyone has advice:

    First off, I am using the Actiontec as my router, so the Linksys stuff doesn't apply to me. My main PC is connected to the Actiontec and I have 2 laptops, 2 Iphones, and 1 Wii that I want to use this router wirelessly. About a year ago, I had found a way to individually assign each of these a static IP address from my provided range, using the Actiontec Router settings page online.

    The other day for no reason my internet stopped working. I called Verizon who did a hard reset. I was back online, but Verizon failed to mention this would put all my settings back to default. Now I can't remember how to get all of the devices the way they were before.

    Of course Verizon cannot help me set it all back up because they say they don't support static IP addresses. Does anyone know how I can set my devices back up (I completely forget and it took months last time), or at least know of a link where I can find out how?

    All I know is to assign my wired PC an IP address manually. I'd guess I need to go into the 'Wireless Connections' option but none of this looks familiar to me.


    Worked nicely for me, with new FIOS install

    I took as many screen shots as I could of intermediate steps, plan to add them to a copy of your instructions with a pointer back to the original(s). I hope that is ok.

    connect ActionTec to WAP54G but different floors


    I'm trying to connect a TVbox device to the Fios Network. This device which does not have wireless capability is downstairs. The Verizon Fios' ActionTec MI424WR is upstairs. I also happen to have a Linksys WAP54G at home.

    Now, if If I can link these two routers, my problem would be solved.

    I have read all the posts. From what I understood, it is possible to connect ActionTec MI424WR to Linksys WAP54G. However, it seems that these two routers need to be connected physically to each other. For me, it is impossible to link them with an ethernet cable.

    Can I connect the two routers wireless?

    Still working after all these years

    I tried another walkthru that was newer but not as accurately written prior to finding yours, which worked GREAT!

    Thanks for taking the time to write it up for us and with as concise as this walkthru is set up if people have a problem doing this it is PEBKAC and not the author of the walkthru's fault.


    P.S. PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ;)

    Great guide!

    Just wanted to say thank you for an EXCELLENT guide through this process. It took a few minutes for my Airport Extreme router to pick up the IP from Verizon after I made the switch but otherwise it was a very smooth procedure. Now I get 25MB/s down, which is a 10MB/s improvement!

    GREAT GUIDE!!!!!!

    Working GREAT! Took me 4 tires tho, make sure when you do power cycle, wait for 2-3minutes! It wouldn't take me so many try if I had more patient.

    I hate all the modem+router from carrier, because their router suck...

    FIOS actiontec to your router

    To be able to host servers on your LAN and keep port forwarding as configured on your existing router when adding FIOS is easy.
    1) After the initial setup from Verizon, set the WAN side IP address that their actiontec router assigned your router to static on your router.
    2) click on Firewall settings, click on "Yes" proceed.
    3) set security to minimum and "apply"
    4) from menu on left side of the same page, select "port forwarding"
    5)select advanced
    6) select "custom ports" from "application to forward"
    7) in the "IP address" to forward select the static IP of your router that you set in step 1
    8) click "Add"
    9) change the "TCP" selection to UDP and click to "Add"
    10) click "Apply"

    you are done and best of all your DVR will continue to function.

    easy but may cost you a few dollars only for ethernet not moca

    at the ONT isntall an ethernet switch, fron the switch run ethhernet cable to the actiontec and to the router of your liking, it takes two minutes, i used this set up for 5 years and have not lost any of the TV features

    ONT ethernet to YOUR ROUTER

    There is an ethernet jack on the ONT. Run a cable from it to your router and then call verizon and tell them that you want to change from coax to ethernet for this purpose. I have done this and it works great. Im paying for 35/35 and Im getting 43/35 4ms.

    SET UP LINKSYS WRT54G to Verizon FIOS Route

    I tried everything and nothing works. FINALLY somebody post on the web and this really works.
    Hi... 1st plug a PC directly to the Linksys router alone. Then on this particular PC... open up internet explorer (it's ok if it says "page could not be displayed")... and type on the address bar just the following numbers: (username just leave it blank, password as a default is admin)...

    This process should bring you to a Linksys page... look for something labeled as the "Local IP Address" or the LAN IP Address... if the value is change this to then save the settings... (page would not be displayed after this.. again that's ok).....

    Then go to the DOS prompt (start---run---type in cmd) .... and type the command ipconfig/release (hit enter)... and then ipconfig/renew (hit enter).....

    Next connect the Actiontech router to the internet/WAN port of the Linksys router. Then do a powercycle. That is turn off all of the devices... router - modem and PC's.. then turn them on in the order of modem--routers-and PC's.......

    After this process, you should now hopefully be online on the PC connected to the Linksys router......

    To set security WEP, on firefox tpe in
    click on tap wireless to tap wireless, click on tap security. Voila you can set up the WEP password

    OK, you guys don't understand Bridges in comments

    If all you do is connect a router to the LAN port of the FiOS actiontec disable wireless on FiOS router and enable it on THIS IS NOT I REPEAT NOT A BRIDGE. All you are doing is having the 2nd router handle Wi-Fi, BUT ALL ITS CONNECTIONS STILL GET ROUTED BY ACTIONTEC (FiOS Router) SO YOU ARE STILL LIMITED BY the FiOS routers TINY connection table and it's still actively involved in EVERYTHING.

    A Bridge would make it so you have the FiOS router connected to the Coax cable BUT the FiOS router is TOTALLY Transparent to network clients ALL it does is pass signals back and forth no routing no nothing.

    For this you need to go through and as mentioned in article basically on Fios router release IT'S WAN IP, in its connection advanced set Coax and Thernet as bridge under home network entry [this will make it pass ALL traffic from Coax to LAN ports then you connect a LAN port to the WAN of your preferred router so THAT ROUTER GETS THE FiOS WAN IP NOT SOME 192.168 LAN IP. After this be sure you set Coax Broadband connection to NO IP so it does not grab the IP and allows YOUR router to get it instead. Now if you connect a cable from the LAN port of YOUR ROUTER back to the ETHERNET WAN port the FiOS router should NOW PULL A LAN IP and NOT a FiOS IP. This is also why we don't care about coax broadband getting an IP it is basically for all intents and purposes to you not there and essentially not needed all it does is pass everything from the Coax to the LAN ports and those in turn feed YOUR router.

    While using a LAN port on FiOS router is nice easy way of extending or making your WiFi better [say YOUR router does N and FiOS only does G well N is better. BUT YOU ARE STILL AT MERCY OF FiOS router limitations as it is handing out all DHCP IPs and again it's NAT table is soo tiny if you do any file sharing this is why the router freezes after a day or 2 until you physically restart it because it's NAT table SUCKs.


    I know Remote DVR is hard to maintain with actual bridging but it has been done, but please fully understand what you are doing before posting comments that are COMPLETELY off the wall because you did not bother to study and fully understand what you just did with your network.

    As of 2014, this does not work

    I tried setting this up several times. Each time I lost internet access shortly after finishing. At first my Linksys router would connect to the internet, but shortly thereafter, nada!

    I worked with several Verizon techs about this over a period of many hours. I was eventually told their router does not play nice as a bridge. They are sooooo right!! In fact, their router doesn't play nice with other routers, period. Rebooting a secondary router can cause a complete loss of internet access, particularly when the FiOS router is set up as a bridge. You can reboot their router all you like without success. You can turn theirs off for a very long time, still without success.

    FYI, I have restored my Verizon Router to simple router mode, and simply disabled the WiFi (because mine won't disable WEP). It will turn on WPA2, but WEP remains on also. UGH! Since WEP is not secure, this leaves a security hole.

    So now I have my Verizon Router connected only to my Linksys Router, and everything works fine. My Linksys Router connects to another Linksys router, and everything still works fine. All wired and WiFi connections to both Linksys routers works as long as I don't set the Verizon router as a bridge.

    Please adjust this post to notify potential users (up front) that this may not work for them. I don't want others spending endless hours (as I did) trying to get something to work which is destined to fail no matter what they do.

    **UPDATE 8/18/2016** Bridge your FIOS Router

    Do you have a Quantum Gateway or older Actiontec router from Verizon FIOS?

    Either way, here are your new instructions (the above ones cost me a 1/2 day of migraines).

    1. Call FIOS tech support and tell them you want to Bridge your router to use a third party wireless router you bought. Ideally you will have your pc wired directly to your Verizon router and be logged into the router as Admin

    2. They will ask to put you on hold while they conference in Actiontec (they make the Quantum Router too).

    3. In about 3 minutes the Actiontec guy walks you through the changes to the router. **Insist he let you turn off wireless on this router so it does not interfere with your new router first because you will not be able to later***. He will then have you connect port 2 of the Verizon router to the WAN port on your new smoking hot router.

    4. You will lose internet on your PC until you connect it to the new router as your old one is in Bridge mode.

    5. Actiontec has the Verizon person release your IP remotely and then have you restart the old router. ...then you can run the setup on your new router!!

    I'm get 85/75 Mbs on far side of my house!! : )

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