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GMap not showing up (markers and controls, but map is gray) due to validation errors

This problem is only in IE6, because it's evil.

First thing noticed: while the background was gray, and not a map, a single click to change the map style (road map, geo, or hybrid) the map would instantly appear.

So with the theme changed to bluemarine, the map shows up.

Significantly, the pages in question validate correctly with bluemarine, and fail W3C XHTML validation with our hacked up darn table-based Beale Street theme (but it looked so shiny!)

So changing the theme back to bealestreet_wsf and going through the validation errors to try to fix them seems to be the way to go to fix the map in IE6. It's possible that other fixes, such as trying to get the script called in head rather than in the flow of the body, might also fix it-- but we have straight proof that changing the theme can fix the map, and we need to get validation anyway.


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