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Give vi / vim / gvim rational (Windows or Macintosh like) copy, cut, and paste shortcuts

Another alternative:

        " ---- Windows Like keys ----
        " CTRL-Z is Undo; not in cmdline though
        noremap <C-Z> u
        inoremap <C-Z> <C-O>u
        " CTRL-Y is Redo (although not repeat); not in cmdline though
        noremap <C-Y> <C-R>
        inoremap <C-Y> <C-O><C-R>
        " CTRL-A is Select all
        noremap <C-A> gggH<C-O>G
        inoremap <C-A> <C-O>gg<C-O>gH<C-O>G
        cnoremap <C-A> <C-C>gggH<C-O>G
        " CTRL-F4 is Close window
        noremap <C-F4> <C-W>c
        inoremap <C-F4> <C-O><C-W>c
        cnoremap <C-F4> <C-C><C-W>c
        " CTRL-Tab is Next window
        noremap <C-Tab> <C-W>w
        inoremap <C-Tab> <C-O><C-W>w
        cnoremap <C-Tab> <C-C><C-W>w
        " ---- Windows Like Copy-Paste keys ----
        " CTRL-v is paste
        inoremap <C-v> <esc>"*p<return>i
        noremap <C-v> "*p<return>
        " CTRL-x is cut (in visual mode only)
        vnoremap <C-x> "*d
        " CTRL-c is copy (in visual mode only)
        vnoremap <C-c> "*y
        " ---- Restore some remapped things
        " make real <C-V> (visual block) as <C-Q> available
        noremap <c-q> <c-v>
        inoremap <C-Y> <C-Y>

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