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Foreign Exchange Risk and End of U.S. Dollar Dominance

We at Agaric Design are considering hosting our sites on a server in Germany, but we're concerned about receiving money in dollars and paying out in Euros as the dollar has fallen to three-quarters of a Euro even while the U.S. pretends to be the world's only superpower.

I sort of veered the discussion off into economic policy, so I'm posting it here for all of you who get your geopolitical analysis from web developers:

I3IVIIVI: And it doesn't look like there's ever going to be anything close to a dollar a euro equivalency again-- although I wouldn't count out the European centralized banking doing something massively stupid.
I3IVIIVI: And I will absolutely ask them.
Stefan: Do you believe that US gov policies brouhgt your country to the brink of bankruptcy?
I3IVIIVI: Technically defined we're way beyond bankruptcy... the debt is beyond comprehension, beyond ever being paid-- quite simply put the U.S. has been putting all of its resources into running a protection racket. Education, public infrastructure has been getting relatively less-- except what came by way of military funding, which seriously props up our universities, and the Internet is cool and all
I3IVIIVI: The only reason our economy has done passably well is that it's actually a lot easier for small businesses and such to get a loan in the U.S. than in Europe
I3IVIIVI: but now with banking 'deregulation' the small banks are getting bought up and pushed out-- still surprising resilience though in some financial coops and membership-owned banks as a matter of course-- two of the latter in my town, even while the biggest banks have merged together literally 5 times in our area -- these are huge banks to start out with: BayBank > Bank of Boston > Fleet > Bank of America
I3IVIIVI: (Which just merged with mega credit card dealer and a bank so faceless it doesn't even have a name, MBNA)
I3IVIIVI: I'll stop writing a book into your IM screen. This is what will destroy the U.S. or (I hope more likely) finally provoke a revolt:
Stefan: thanks. have to get back to work.


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