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Figuring out what Django permission names are and what permissions a user has

You can see the permissions a particular user has, in the 'machine-readable' form Django uses, quite easily through the Django shell. For a user with the username 'david', for example:

$ python shell
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
david = User.objects.get(username="david")

Both this and the template form (see below) correctly see permissions that are directly added to a user and those which are associated through groups.

So it seems the undocumented convention/rule is that the permission listed on the Django admin page, in the form "evaluations | evaluation | Can add evaluation" or "evaluations | evaluation | Can change evaluation" translates to dots replacing the pipes, dropping the model section entirely and also the word "Can" being dropped, and underscores replacing spaces, in the form "evaluations.add_evaluation" or "evaluations.change_evaluation".

Using a permission as a conditional in a template looks like this:

{% if perms.evaluations.change_evaluation %}
  <li><a href="{% url '' %}">Management</a></li>
{% endif %}


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