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Exporting Redirects to Webserver Rules the Awesome way

[Note: For non-automatic export of Redirects to Apache rules, see Redirect Export module.]

courtesy Stefan, of course


[15:52] <sfreudenberg> cool. php supports writing to dbm files. so your module could actually write an optimized rewrite map.
[15:53] <sfreudenberg> it could write to the file that apache reads, so it would work as seamless as redirect and not be as problematic as redirect
[15:57] <mlncn> that would be amazing to do everything redirect does, but the right way, without people having to export anything manually
[16:20] <mlncn> sfreudenberg: links for near-future referenc on both php and dbm (i'm finding just that dbm-specific functions are deprecated, and to use dba, with no guidance on how), and apache and dbm? (this doesn't seem the most useful starting space: )
[16:21] <sfreudenberg> dbm is the format you can store the rewrite map in.
[16:21] <sfreudenberg> the dba functions are documented
[16:22] <mlncn> yes, for connecting to dbm though? that's the default style of database?
[16:23] <sfreudenberg> yes they are used for all the types. apache supports dbm and gdbm at least
[16:23] <sfreudenberg> apache does a lot with that file format

Implement for:


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