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Drush subversion integration: svn add and svn commit following pm install

Posted to Drush issue queue:

Here's Agaric's workflow (ignore the lack of a link to Drush's path, we have too many Drupal installations to make that practical at the moment):

cd /var/www/drupal-5_3-live/sites/all/modules/
sudo php drush/drush.php -l pm install fasttoggle
sudo svn add fasttoggle
sudo svn commit -m "Installed fasttoggle via Drush"

Drush has me expecting to be able to wave my hand in the general direction of the keyboard and get what I want.

So the above is just too much typing!

So the immediate support question is: should I go about scripting it inside Drush, or outside Drush?

Could/should post pm install actions be added to Drush, or is the best approach a Bash script that wraps around Drush (and has a delay before svn add? Hmm.)


benjamin, Agaric Design Collective



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